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Bad Dog writes:


Bad Dog


I just realized after putting Cross and her two investigator assistants together in a room just how similar her team is to Kate Beckett and her homicide team in the ABC show, Castle. This, along with the vague similarities of the Slipstream: Singularity crew with the cast of Firefly seriously has me suspecting that... NATHAN FILLION CONTROLS MY BRAIN!


But seriously, it's funny how creation comes about. Influences can come from sources you never even realize until much later.

Bad Dog writes:

“And so we go.”

Bad Dog

And the first page is up. The story has been already planned, but I need to get it put down in a linear format to keep all the plot-twists clear. As I am already working on a written work series designed for e-book publication set in this same world, along with the characters presented here, these comics will act like a prelude to the written work - a look at Cross and the world before the novel series starts - and to enhance the novel series as they are completed.

Bad Dog writes:

“In the Beginning”

Bad Dog

I wanted to work on another Slipstream comic. Slipstream is the sci-fi universe that I created mainly for gaming. I've become disillusioned with a good deal of mainstream sci-fi worlds that are out there, Star Wars, Star Trek and so on, or I felt that other pre-created universes were too limited in scope - designed for their own story, but nothing beyond that - Battlestar Galactica or Firefly. Because of this, I wanted to build one from the ground up. It started simply, with one period in Earth's future where humankind completes a mission to Mars, finds what is referred to as a "temple" there, built into a rock face. When it is opened, a EM-like-pulse bursts out of it. After two years, a very advanced alien culture contacts Earth with a messenger orb that distributed a great deal of information to all the nations of the world. When the original pulse was detected by the alien civilization, humanity was deemed ready for the knowledge.


Many years later, with humanity still quite young and aggressive, two space wars occured - called the First and Second Solar Wars. On the eve on the Second Solar War, a second orb arrives from the same alien intelligence, It is a message for help.


The international Odyssey mission is sent out. That is the basis for the original RPG campaign I am running, and have been running for nearing 5 years now. This campaign, and period, as been retronymed "The Odyssey Mission," as I have since expanded on the same universe, detailing different important time periods of Earth's future. In the Slipstream; Singularity comic ( ), Gizmo makes several references to this time, as he is a creation of that time period, and the Odyssey mission (he is actually an NPC of that game, the co-pilot of one of the characters).


Slipstream; The Investiture of the Machine State is a later incarnation of events that occur during the Odyssey mission. I won't explain everything here, as I absolutely abhor "info dumps," and am a firm believer that the natural narrative should explain the world, not a blarg post. But I will say that due to events stemming out of the Odyssey mission in 2160, the Synthetics demanded equal rights and were continually refused. Not getting what they desired most, they took Earth (what humanity loved most) and Sol in a nearly bloodless coup (when machines run everything, it is very easy for them to take over).


This comic, the Investiture of the Machine State, will take place in a small corner of that world, several years after the take over and the Great Exodus. The Great Exodus was when humanity was being sent away from Earth and Sol - the military operation that became known as the Night of Falling Stars was blamed as the cause of at least two dozen fusion reactor going critical and actually exploding, devastating the continents of North and South America, killing millions of people who were gathered in the cities, waiting their own turn to be forced from Earth by the synthetics.